Why Video Is Important

Why Hiring a Videographer Is Important


In the modern era, smartphones and tablets can be seen at almost every event: guests are holding up their phones to take pictures and videos to remember the day. With so much media taking over, it may seem like hiring a videographer for your wedding isn’t as important to capturing your wedding day. Even when the photographer is there to capture many amazing moments, video adds certain elements that photography alone can’t capture. Here’s a list of why having a videographer is a great investment!

Your wedding day can fly by faster than you think. You and your newlywed may look back on the day and wonder about the little moments that you may have missed: friends and family reuniting, your grandparents dancing, kids running around before the ceremony, each other getting ready, and so much more. Your videographer knows what to look for throughout the day that you will want to rewatch for years to come. This gives you an extra time capsule in addition to photos.


You can hear your vows again. Vows are full of emotion and love, and sometimes the words you write on paper don’t do the actual moment justice. Having a video of the ceremony gives you the opportunity to hear those vows as they were once again.

You can rewatch all of the important moments: your first dance, dancing with your father or mother, your best friend’s hysterical toast that nearly brought you to tears, your grandfather’s laughter, and so many other special moments. Seeing them in a photograph is incredible, but hearing them and watching them all over again is a different kind of experience.


You can have an unplugged ceremony. This way, you can eliminate the smartphones from peeking up above the crowd during your ceremony. Your pictures won’t be full of people watching the day through their phones or snapchatting your first kiss, which can take away from the intimacy of sharing your day with those you love. Having a videographer there to capture the day ensures all of those moments will get captured, and the quality is guaranteed to be better than your aunt’s iPhone video.