The Inn At The Round Barn VT Wedding

The Inn At the Round Barn Wedding

The Inn At The Round Barn farm is a 19th century farm how that sits on over 200 acres of land. Rooms have views of large snow covered mountains from the early fall till the late spring. All of the food that is at the Inn is locally sourced if not grown right there on the farm. There are several located that you can have a wedding ceremony on the farm. My personal favorite is next to pond. The afternoon light is beautiful. 

The colors of the wedding were pink, navy blue, and yellow. The groomsmen wore navy blue suits with a tie. The bridesmaids wore pale blush chiffon dresses. When guest walked into the Round Barn the first thing they saw was a old table wagon with a display of vintage family photos. In the photos below you'll notice that the table center pieces are white hydrangea.