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Thank you for stopping by and reading about my internship! For the last 11 years specialize in wedding photojournalism. I’m located on Hale Street Beverly just a short walk from downtown Beverly. I have learned that without a solid foundation to your business it’s nearly impossible to be successful. I’m offering an internship that will teach you how to create the foundation of of a successful business. You can that you apply to just about any photography business. Below is a short description to the what you’ll be doing throughout your time spent during the internship.

If you are ready to apply or have questions please contact me at the link below.


Learn The Business of Photography

Working Smart

  • Every single task in your business should be written down so that anyone can come in and complete any task for you. This is called a “Standard Operation Manual” (SOM). During your internship you will learn how to build a SOM of your own.


  • Learn how to target your ideal clients through building a website.

  • Understand what google is looking for in your website.

  • How to create blog articles that search engines will rank higher

Search Engine Optimization

  • You don’t have to spend a ton of money on advertising. I will teach you how to rank high on google for free.

  • Google wants amazing content! I will show you how to build original content for your website that google will love.

Pay Per Click Campaign

  • Learn how to market to your new clients through google Adwords and not waste your budget.


  • Understand how branding works


  • Workflow will save you a massive amount of time once you have mastered it. I will show you how to create a workflow so you're not spending all your days behind a computer.