5 Getting Ready Photo Tips

5 Getting Ready Wedding Photo Tips

  1. Try to clear the room of all unnecessary clutter. I’m always looking for clean compositions and it can accomplished by putting whatever isn’t needed, in a closet or another room.

  2. Mailing me your wedding stationery can be a big help. This way, I don’t miss any of those great candid moments. There was a lot o thought and hard work that went into creating your wedding stationery and it deserves to be put in the best light. I can do this with out any time restrictions before the wedding day.

  3. Try to find a room that has a lot of natural light. I’ve found that people look best in soft natural light. This kind of light makes for great skin tone and can hide skin blemishes.

  4. Less light can be better light at times. Every light source has a different color temperature from warm to cool. So, when we have a lamp on, and a bride that is sitting next to a window getting her makeup done, half of her face is going to be orange from the (warm) lamp, and the other half is going to be blue (cool) from the window light. There is no way to properly color correct this image other than to turn the image into a black and white photograph.

  5. I’ve learn that 90 minutes is the maxium time that I need for getting ready photos. This give me time to photograph things like the dress, shoes flowers as well as candids, and last minute hair and makeup photos.