What is your style?

My approach to documenting a wedding is rather simple. I stay out of the way at your wedding so I can photograph the events as they happen organically. I want to capture the genuine expressions of emotion on this day, filled with love and joy. That works best when nobody notices me: their full attention is on you, and I get to preserve those moments in a series of images that will last forever.

Do you bring a second photographer, and how do I know if I need one?

I bring a second photographer to a wedding only when the event is so large, usually more than 80 people, that you’ll need more than one person to capture the day.

Who is your second photographer?

I can call on a handful of top-quality professional photographers in the Boston area who own their own businesses and have provided excellent quality for me in the past.

Do you take family portraits on the wedding day?

Absolutely, no story is complete without some family portraits of you and your loved ones. I take about 20 or 30 minutes to capture those images in a relaxed environment.

Should I give you a shot list for the day?

About a month before the wedding, I’ll send you an online questionnaire with a checklist of possible family formal combinations. You check the ones you want. I’ll be sure to complete your list, and I’m always happy to shoot any you want to add at the event. With my extensive experience, I’m confident I can cover all the details, must-haves, and then some for your wedding album.

When will the High Resolution files will be delivered?  

I personally color correct each image, one at a time, to deliver the highest quality. That usually takes about 6-14 days.