5 Wedding Ceremony Tips

 Indoor Wedding Ceremonies

Marsh Chapel Wedding-       Find out if there are restrictions on photographs that can be taken. There have been times when I wasn’t allowed to photograph the ceremony due to the restrictions of the church.

boston wedding ceremony location

-       Often times during wedding ceremonies couples have their backs to the guest. Which means I can’t document the moments of you and your husband giving each other little smiles here and there. This results with us ending up with photos of back of your heads. Talk to the person who is marrying the two of you and see if there is a way we can avoid this.

Harvard Memorial Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

York Maine Wedding

-       The time of day is so important in creating great images. I recommend anywhere from 2-3 hours before the sunsets. This will give you natural even light on your faces.

willowdale wedding ceremony

-       What we want to avoid is a 2 pm ceremony in the bright sunlight. This type of light will give you deep dark shadows under your eyes. If this is the only time for your ceremony, then find a big shade tree to have your ceremony under. It will keep you cool, keep you from squinting and provide nice even light on your face.

wedding location in duxbury-       Adding a second photographer for your ceremony can provide you with a set of images that would be challenging for one person to capture & create. I do try to photograph everything that is going on, but I can’t always do that. For example, when I’m photography on your father giving you away, a second photographer can be photograph your mothers reaction. This is just one example of what a second photographer can add to a collection of images.