Can I Give You A List Of Photographs to Take?

You absolutely can give me a list of photographs to take. I always encourage my couples to spend some time before the wedding coming up with a list of family photos so I don’t miss any photographs during the day, When we are doing family photos, the most efficient ways of taking those photos are by working off of a list. I will send you a questionnaire five weeks before your wedding. On that questionnaire, you will have an opportunity to request family photos. It’s all multiple choice. I’ve thought of as many different family photos as possible. There are probably 50 different combinations. You can just click the ones that you want, and we will take them at the appropriate time. Also on that worksheet, there is an opportunity for you to list any additional special requests. Maybe there’s a group of your high school friends or college friends, those photos are generally taken during cocktail hour or later on in the evening.