Do You Backup the Wedding Photos?


Yes! I do back up all wedding photos. As soon as I take a photograph at the wedding, it is automatically backed up. All of my cameras that we use have two card slots. So if I take a photo, it records the image on to Card #1 and automatically backs it up on Card #2. The cards mirror each other which automatically creates a back up of your wedding photos.

After the wedding, I’ll get home, and that night, I will download the cards to my computer which would be the second back up and then download them to two external hard drives. Then at 3AM the night of your wedding I use a software called Back Blaze and it takes all of the photos and uploaded to a cloud before I edit any of them.

I label my hard drives “Wedding Photos A” and “Wedding Photos B” and the pictures go on each of those. After those photographs are downloaded to Hard Drive A and Hard Drive B, we then will select the 700 photographs that we want to edit.

After we edit them, we will upload them to the cloud, which would be the fifth backup of your wedding photos. So we use Card #2, my computer, two hard drives, and the cloud to back up these photos, meaning there are extensive backups to your wedding photos.

So, yes! We absolutely do backup your photos. We take it very seriously and have lots of different ways of backing them up.