How I Make Your Wedding Album

Boston Wedding Albums

Albums important because they get passed on from generation to generation. I know that when I go home to Cleveland to hang out with my parents, I love going through their wedding album. It's nice to talk their day and see who was in the family at that time and what they looked like and I always learn something new about their wedding every time I open it. I think it's important to have something like an album to pass on from one generation to the next. It's a start of a new part of the family and new generations.


It's a pretty straightforward process. Everything is done online - cloud software, online galleries. I ask you to pick a total of 80 images from the online gallery that I send to you after the wedding. Sixty of those 80 images are story-telling images. Those are just your favorite images. It might be your dad seeing you for the first time. It might be your first look, throw some portraits in there, all that tells the story of your day. Then the last 20 of the 80 images are just dancing photos. I always think that they're just fun photos to have in the book.

For the design process, what I'll do for those 80 images is I'll take the first 60, and I'll lay them out and create a beautiful pre-design. In that pre-design, you can manipulate the album. For example, on the cloud software, the pre-design will be delivered to you on a link, and you open that link up, and you open up a book, like an e-book. Now a spread is a left and a right page. So, a left and a right equals one spread. On the bottom of the spread on the cloud software, you can write your comments and your changes. Each image on the spread has a number. Generally, there are about five images, no more than five images per spread. Now, if you want to change "Image 4" with "Image 60" in the gallery, all you do is on the bottom of the cloud software online in the little e-book, you write in "Change 'Image 4' with 'Image 60' from the gallery." Or, if you want to make "Image 1" on Spread 2 bigger, you just say, "Image 1 bigger." We go through this, and we customize the book to your liking.  The last 20 images go all on one page unless you guys want to split them up on multiple pages. I recommend putting those 20 dance shots all on one spread.  The end the goal is to have a beautiful book that you guys can look back on and enjoy.

Generally speaking there are two rounds of changes. By the second time we go around, we have everything just right. Then we get into album cover options, and the size and things. The albums come in several different sizes and shapes - 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 8x10, 10x12. My favorite are square books. For your cover options, you can go with a leather cover option or a fabric cover option. You can put your name, but you don't have to put your name. These books are really customized to what you guys envision your wedding album. So, that is album processing in a nutshell. If you guys have any questions about albums email me :)