Helpful Getting Ready Photo Tips


I’ve compiled a list of tips that, if you follow them, will help ensure that your photographer is able to capture the Getting Ready photos without interrupting you as you get ready.

Photo Tip #1:

Pull together all of your jewelry, shoes, flowers, wedding dress - any detail that you would like photographed - pull it together before I get there. That way, as soon as I get there, I can begin photographing that stuff and it’s all in one place. Then, I don’t have to continuously ask for things and interrupt you while you’re getting ready


Photo Tip #2:

Don’t put your jewelry on until after your dress is on. The photos of you putting your jewelry on always look so much nicer when your wedding dress is already on. You probably will put your dress on in some nice light, so that’s a great opportunity to also photograph you putting on your necklace, or maybe someone helping you put on your veil. As well as your earrings, bracelets, all the jewelry, they should go on after you put on your dress. It just looks a little more elegant than if you put it on prior to putting on your dress.


Photo Tip #3:

Open your wedding gift next to a window with some nice light and without mixed lighting sources. What I mean by that is, when you open your gift, what I like to do is put you next to a window where there is some nice window light coming in and turn off the rest of the lights.


Photo Tip #4:

Have your dress already hanging in a room that has nice light. A nice bright window and a doorway - someplace where natural light can shine on your dress.