Q & A : Do I Get The Print Rights To My Wedding Photos?


One of my most frequently asked questions during a meeting is “Do I get the print rights to the photos?” The quick answer is “Yes.” After the wedding you’ll receive the high-res files edited photos.

The way I deliver them with a simple download link.  You can download all of your photos with just a few clicks. Once they are downloaded, you can print them; you can share them on social media; you can share them with your friends and family. You can take that download link that I send you, copy it and paste it into another email and send it to anyone that you want. THAT MEANS YOUR YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY GET ALL THE HIGH RES FILES FOR FREE!  Long gone are the days of photographer charging $15 for a 4x6. You guest can print, & share from from your digital files. There’s really no restrictions. If you want, I’ve seen people blow up the photos to a life-size print.

The turnaround time on your wedding photos is rather quickly, and it is about 10-15 business days.

That’s a little insight on how I deliver the photos, the turnaround time, and I hope you found this post helpful. :)