Relaxed Wedding Portrait Photo Tips

Relaxed Boston Wedding Portrait Photo Tips -       While a first look is great to get your portraits out of the way, we are also going to battle the harsh shadows from a bright sun. To avoid this, find a shaded area before the wedding so that we can get an even distribution of light on your faces. It will also keep you fresh and cool for your event.


-       Ask your makeup artist for the same lip gloss so we can add that extra pop for your photos.

wedding-portraits-in-bostonNew England Beach Wedding Portrait Photo Tips

-       The beach can be a beautiful location for shooting photos 30 minutes before the sunset.


-       Light and timing plays a big part in making your wedding beach photos work for us. With the 2 pm light we are going to have photos with harsh shadows and squinting eyes.

-       Another thing to think about is the wind. Odds are it’s going to be windy. This means your hair will be flying around along with your dress. It saves time if we make it the last location we visit because afterwards you will need to spend a few minutes fixing your hair so have some extra hair spray available.


-       Kick off those heals or bring a pair of flats so we can walk around and take advantage of the location.