Second Shooter Advantages

Advantages Of a Second Photographer

York Maine Wedding

While having a second photographer is not crucial to capturing your wedding day, they may help fulfill your priorities when it comes to getting all of the images you want on your wedding day. Here are my top five reasons having a second photographer is a great investment.

1. My second shooter can capture more vantage points. If I am focusing on your expressions during the ceremony, my second shooter can be standing in the back getting a wide shot to show all of the guests watching you exchange vows. When I photograph the bride walking down the aisle, my second shooter can focus on the groom’s expression as he sees her for the first time. Or, if you decide to have a first look, both of your reactions will be captured effortlessly.

A great example of this would be from a wedding I photographed at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Wedding. I wanted to get a interesting view point for the first kiss. I told my second photographer to get the traditional kiss photograph. While I was able to get low & behind the couple to create an image with the bride & groom and all of their guests in the background.

Wells Reserve at Laudholm Wedding
Wells Reserve at Laudholm Wedding Photo

2. Simply put: I can’t be in two places at once. Depending on your venue, where I can stand, and how often I can move, quickly getting to another location may be difficult. If the bride and groom are getting ready in two different locations, having a second photographer ensures all of those special moments will be covered. If we sneak off during cocktail hour to take couple portraits, my second shooter can be taking candids of your guests having fun and enjoying cocktail hour.

Boston Wedding Photographer
Boston Wedding Photographers

3. Having a second set of hands helps to keep the flow of the day going. The second shooter does more than just photography: they help keep things organized. Gathering family and the wedding party for group shots can sometimes be a chore, especially if they happen at a time when people are mingling. My second shooter makes this process faster to keep your timeline going: and not only that, but they know what to look for when it comes to the small details (crooked ties, bouquets, phones sticking out of pockets, etc) to help everyone look their best.

4. My primary focus of the day is telling your story. While I always capture other special moments throughout the day of your family and friends, you will always be my priority. Having a second photographer gives you more focus on that second level of the story: guest reactions during the toasts, emotional responses from your guests during the ceremony, the excitement of your family and friends when you say “I do,” and all of the other special intimate moments shared with your guests.  

5. While accidents are incredibly rare, they do happen. Whether I fall off of a dock and into the water and damage my gear, get into a car accident on my way to the ceremony, or wake up the morning of with a terrible illness, having a second shooter prepared to cover the day is a rarely-needed but great backup. I trust all of the photographers I work with, and know that they are more than capable of picking up where I left off if anything were to happen.