7 Portrait Tips

5 Wedding Portrait Tips

Here is a list I created of 5 helpful portrait tips. The most important thing is just to relax, be yourself and I'll take care of the rest!


1. I always welcome new ideas for locations. Locations that you are familiar with will help relax you during your portrait session. For example, if you summered in the town you’re getting married in maybe you have a special park or beach the two of you walk every night. However these photos are about you more than than location. :)


2. While a first look is great to get your portraits done earlier, we are going to be battle the harsh shadows from the bright afternoon sun. To avoid this, a nice clean, shaded area before the wedding is ideal so that we can get an even distribution of light on your faces. It will also keep you fresh and cool for your event.


3. Giving you something to hold is the easiest way to start to get you to relax. I normally will start with your bouquet of flowers. I might also ask you to fix your necklace or bracelet. All of these things will put you in a natural pose giving you natural lines.


4. Ask your make up artist for the same lip gloss they used so we can add that extra pop for your photos.

5.  As you know the weather here in New England can change in a matter of minutes. My favorite rain location is the big archway next to the Boston Harbor Hotel. It has the best of both worlds. It's a big open area, has a lot of natural light, and is near the water. Also not a terribly difficult place for guests / the wedding party to get to.