5 Family Photo Tips

5 Family Wedding Portrait Tips

  1.  The most efficient way of making sure I create all the family portraits that are important to you is to make a list. Five weeks before the wedding I will send you a questionnaire with several combinations. Just check the images you would like me to take and I’ll make sure to get them during our family portrait time.
  2. I highly recommend taking care of family photos right after the wedding ceremony. Everyone is already there and still looking fresh. These family photos only take about 20 minutes, so as soon as we are done they can go enjoy the rest of the day. This way we won’t have to pull them away from the fun later on in the day.
  3.  Lighting and background is so important in order to make everyone look amazing! Sometimes that means we can’t always use the amazing view. The reason being is that when I take a photograph I’m exposing the image for your skin tones and not the background. A clean dark background in the shade works works better than a busy bright background.
  4. If there are elderly family member in your family photographs it’s best to work backwards with the largest family photo first and then start to dismiss those family members. This way they are not standing around waiting for their photo to be taken.
  5. When the ceremony is in a church I suggest taking the family photos outside with natural light in a shaded location. This provides soft, even light.